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Our approach to construction is both flexible and effective as we tailor our contracts and solutions based on client needs. We optimize value through cost control, time management, and quality assurance.


Before any ground is broken and before any materials are ordered, our preconstruction managers, estimators and project managers work closely with the client, architect and other key project partners to execute a variety of preconstruction services. The goal is to craft a well-defined project scope, schedule and budget that will drive your project’s success.

Our services include:
  • Project feasibility study
  • Constructability reviews
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Schedule Optimization

Interior Fit-out & High-End Finishing

Meticulous attention to detail is crucial in delivering stellar projects, with quality control steps at every stage. We provide tailor-made solutions using innovative techniques to manage and execute core and shell apartments, working closely with interior designers

Our engineering know-how includes:
  • Design detailing and management
  • Interdisciplinary coordination
  • Cost controls and budgeting
  • Material behavior analysis
  • Site execution (all trades)
  • MEP network implementation
  • Testing and commissioning

Renovation & Restoration

Renovating heritage buildings requires very specific skills and a thorough understanding of the site, its history and materials. We deliver state of the art, modern built solutions while preserving the unique history, aesthetics, and socio-economic aspects of the sites we are restoring. This focus is particularly important to CTI as we are committed to actively contributing to preserving and rejuvenating the cultural integrity of the community we operate within.

Our engineering know-how includes:
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Recovery and restoration of salvaged elements
  • Identifying and sourcing of stone for repair
  • Effective traditional material practice
  • Preservation of architecture value

Furniture and Product Manufacturing

Led by a team of civil engineers, CTI uses a different approach to construction and contracting that relies on engineering principles in its choice of products and methods, resulting in better solutions in the manufacturing of furniture and products. We convert designs into finished products with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality during the manufacturing process. We use state-of-the-art, modern methods to form materials and assemble components, including cutting, moulding, and laminating.

Our services include:
  • Design overview and structural analysis
  • Budget control and advisory
  • Prototyping and sample testing
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Installation and handover

General Contracting

CTI leverages its extensive four-decade experience in delivering medium to large scale projects, maximizing value across the construction supply chain while working with various specialists, sub contractors, and suppliers depending on the needs of each project.

Our services include:
  • Budget estimation
  • Site planning
  • Shop drawing detailing
  • Equipment and material procurement
  • Construction execution (all trades)
  • Project closeout
  • Handover
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Our market focus covers a broad spectrum of project
types and offers unique, client-centered solutions.

  • 1
    Academic institutions
  • 2
    Corporate offices
  • 4
    Compound buildings
  • 5
    E-commerce Businesses
  • 3
    Governmental institutions
  • 6
    Heritage buildings
  • 7
    Hospitality & F&B
  • 8
    Public spaces
  • 9
    Rehabilitation & community buildings
  • 10
    Residential apartments
  • 11

Project Life Cycle

By following a structured project life cycle, we can ensure
that each task is completed in the right order while preventing any delays.

  • Project Initiation

    Project brief

    Technical feasibility study

    Scope preparation

  • Concept Design

    Site planning options

    Visibility studies

    Preliminary design sketches

    Concept design options

  • Building Services

    Building permits

    Liaison with utility authorities

    Study/analyze engineering options

  • Engineering Disciplines (Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)

    Design development

    Deliverable review

    Scope preparation

  • Constructability

    Interdisciplinary coordination

    Shop drawings

    Material procurement


    Quality control and quality assurance

  • Handing Over

    As-built drawings

    Testing and commissioning

    Third party certificates

    Project closure and final handover

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